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Soft armor, otherwise known as spandex pants, are the least expensive options for body armor available for purchase by police officers and the general public. They are not only highly breathable, but they also can stretch to fit around the waist or hips. Spandex has been used for decades to create clothing that is lightweight, yet highly durable. The same principals are used in soft armor vest, meaning the material is highly breathable, thin yet thick enough to create a tight protective layer, yet stretchy enough to allow movement. This flexibility is what makes soft armor so appealing as a body armor option.

There are many variations on the original vests, all designed to offer various levels of protection to the wearer. For instance, soft body armor offers a great deal more flexibility in the waist and hips than do the hard vests, which are built much more for durability and strength. These differences are important for law enforcement officers who have to frequently move around while on duty. It is also important for those who may be interested in wearing soft body armor for personal safety reasons as well as for sporting purposes.

Soft armor plates provide law enforcement personnel with a cost-effective and highly flexible alternative to traditional bullet proof vests. Many police departments and military units prefer to use soft armor instead of full body armor because of its durability and lightweight properties. Because of this low investment, there are plenty of soft armor products available for purchase by the public. If your goal is to be as prepared as possible when you are subject to being shot by a firearm, soft armor is an excellent investment in your safety.