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What are Soft Armor Additions? Soft armor additions are typically made of extremely heavy Kevlar and Spalteramid composites. These add-ons are usually placed in the back and front of protective vests, and are composed of lightweight, protective armor, that is housed within a protective carrying pack. Some of the most common soft armor add-ons include the shotgun vest, the combat shotgun vest, the soft armor backpack armor system and the combat rifle vest.

As far as exactly what soft armor additions a person may purchase, they can be found everywhere. Kevlar is the most common, and has been used to strengthen body armor plates for close combat since the 80’s. Over the years, other substances have also been used, and today soft plates can be found in plates that are commonly seen on vests, backpacks, tactical vests, and even on battle rifles and pistols. The same Kevlar fiber or Spalteramid material that is used for plates that are found on plate carriers or backpacks is used in a variety of load bearing accessories, such as hard armor plates and soft armor inserts.

Soft armor additions are perfect for those who are looking for extra protection for their safety while traveling and/or living in all sorts of outdoor settings. They are often used in military and law enforcement training scenarios, because of their great fire and injury resistance. While they aren’t ideal for fighting one-on-one, they still work well in a variety of training exercises and as an add-on to other body armor items. In addition to using soft armor inserts, people can also purchase soft armor vest that wrap around the entire torso, or soft armor vest that fits over a vest and into the top layer. Either way, the added protection of these accessories make for a great combination between training and protection when one is out in the field.