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A tactop plate carrier is an officially authorized item used for fast and effective deployment by law enforcement and military personnel. They are most commonly used in combination with hard armor vests specifically designed to protect military personnel from lethal impacts in combat. These vests are often made of reinforced polymer or high quality vinyl with metal webbing to keep them from the crushing impact of bullets or other objects that may be fired at the soldiers. They are designed to be worn on the back, although some are designed to be worn over shirts, on boots, or on belt loops.

The vests themselves are available in different configurations ranging from individual pieces to team packs, which are used by both police and military personnel. The vests themselves come in different configurations, with hard armor plates made of heavy-duty nylon being most common, although the vests are also available in soft armor configurations for those whose jobs require them to move around in tight spaces. This soft armor is typically more flexible and less durable than hard armor, making it a better choice for those who will be moving around a lot in their work wear. It is also important for those in law enforcement or military professions to have the option to switch out their vests for a tactical vest should they need to change their work attire. A tactop plate carrier can be attached to the front of a vest and then secured with straps to prevent it from falling off.

Plate carriers are not the only items available that feature this type of accessory. Other companies like Tactical Gear offer other types of vests and accessories such as pistol holsters, backpacks, and pouches that are designed to add versatility to the carrier itself. It is generally advised that if you are going to purchase a tactop plate carrier, you should at least have the money saved for the additional items that you might purchase along with it. These additional items tend to be much more expensive, although if you are only looking to provide temporary protection during your regular work day, you may find that purchasing a cheap carrier and later switching to a more expensive tactical plate carrier is more cost effective over the long run.