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What exactly are Soft Armor Vestments? Soft armor utilizes multiple layers of durable, firm materials, including high quality steel, Kevlar, high-density fiberglass, ceramic composites, and sometimes, other materials such as Kevlar. Many manufacturers utilize various coatings to improve durability and provide maximum wear. One of the most popular vestments in use today is the tactop plate carrier or vest, which includes a quilted liner and several layers of padding for maximum protection.

Why Use Soft Armor? Soft armor plates provide the same functionality and protective applications that hard plate carriers do. These vests were designed with the individual user in mind; they were originally created for law enforcement personnel. They are designed to meet the unique needs and demands of active duty and reserve personnel while simultaneously allowing a tremendous amount of mobility for the average person. Soft armor plates provide high quality protection and features that make them a worthwhile investment. Because of their affordable price tags, they can be purchased by the general public (more).

In addition to being an exceptional choice for law enforcement and military personnel, soft armor is used in a wide range of other situations, including sports, hunting, recreational activities, work, and sport. Soft armor features a padded interior liner and several layers of padded material along with steel reinforcement. Most soft armor is available in vertical, horizontal, and ankle take-up variations. Some manufacturers supply high quality bullet resistant soft armor plates to the sporting public.